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  • Beads 1-20 large-0 Beads 1-20 large-0
    These beads Alternate 5 white and five red.
  • Beads 1-30 string -0 Beads 1-30 string -0
    These beads are organised in groups of ten. They are made from solid polished resin with no sharp bits for young hands. They are also easy to handle because they stay in place once moved.
  • Blank Clock Faces (class set)-0 Blank Clock Faces (class set)-0
    This is a pack of 30 dry wipe clock faces for use with the whole class. Each clock face is on a card measuring 10cms. by 13 cms. Students can draw the hands for the required time and write the associated time underneath.
  • These laminated  blank fans can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. Used with dry wipe pens teachers can use them in ways to include mental maths, fractions, sound blending, phonics , sorting activities, sequencing activities and social communication activities that do not require verbal answers. The pack contains ten white sections which are easy to manipulate and easy to write on and rub off.  
  • Blank Playing Cards-0 Blank Playing Cards-0
    Each pack contains approx. 50 cards
  • Card Holder for Little Hands-0 Card Holder for Little Hands-0
    This makes playing card games more manageable for children from 3 years upwards.
  • Castanets-0 Castanets-0
    These castanets are useful for counting and for segmenting words at the syllable or phoneme level.
  • Chambers adult Guide to to Numeracy is aimed at adults who lack confidence in their numeracy skills. The book provides an understanding of the key concepts and methods, then applies them in everyday situations such as calculating distances or working out interest payments. This book provides:
    • simple strategies from numeracy specialist Geoff Mainwaring
    • practical, visible results
    • activities, examples and illustrations
    • a chance for self-study or basic-skills teaching
    • a text designed in a dyslexia-friendly style
  • Changing Faces Clock-0 Changing Faces Clock-0
    This clock shaped flip book contains 6 write-on/wipe off pages as illustrated, that help teach 'telling the time' is small stages. Plus it contains an additional clock face with movable hands.
  • Clock - day and night with time-line-0 Clock - day and night with time-line-0
    These geared clocks feature an illustrated sun and moon wheel that provide a visual indicator of what the sky might look like at different times. It has a red hour and a blue minute hand plus corresponding coloured number markings.
  • Clock - geared-0 Clock - geared-0
    This geared clock maintains correct hour and minute relationships while demonstrating time-telling concepts. This is a durable plastic clock with easy-to-read hour and minute markings with built in stand.
  • Counters-0 Counters-0


    These transparent multi-coloured counters measure 22mm diameter and are sold in packs of 20.
  • These counters are a useful for the individual learner of number bonds to ten and twenty
  • Counters - double-sided red and blue plus frame-0
    These red and white double - sided counters come in a pack of 20 with a card ten frame. They are particularly useful for illustrating the various number bonds to ten in a concrete way.
  • Create your own Bingo-0 Create your own Bingo-0
    Write-on/wipe-off create you own bingo game set, reinforces lessons through game play.
  • Dale Seymour and Ed Beardslee  have created this collection of  photocopiable masters to help students develop three important elements of critical cal thinking: the ability to recognise patterns, the ability to use visual imagery and the ability to reason logically - universal skills that help students solve problems in almost any discipline. Rated at three levels of difficulty in grades K-3  the activities provided experience with:
    • patterns with numbers, shapes and letters
    • ordering by size
    • comparing shapes and designs
    • symmetry
    • plotting pictures on graph paper
    • logic word problems
    • number sentences
    • Venn diagrams
    • other areas that develop critical thinking skills.