Partners in Education

Was founded in 1998 by Margaret Bevan and Valerie Hammond.  They have  developed many resources over the years, specifically relating to literacy and numeracy.  These resources were created from their own experiences in teaching  learners with Specific Learning Difficulties, including Dyslexia. Many  follow structured, sequential and cumulative methodology. They pride themselves on the affordability of their materials and have been commended for this by practicing teachers.  Additionally,  they have spent time sourcing materials that they think would be of use to teachers and parents of learners who have specific learning difficulties. Many of these materials have also proven to be of good use in the classroom,

Valerie Hammond

Originally trained as a primary teacher then worked as an advisory teacher in SEN  at Primary and Secondary level for a local authority for 10 years. For the past 20 years she has run OCR courses in SpLD (Dyslexia) at Level 5 and 7.  She has devised many multisensory, cumulative literacy resources and written the books Simple Syllable AnalysisRewrite One and Rewrite Two.

Margaret Bevan

Originally trained as a primary teacher, but for the past 30 years has worked as a specialist teacher, advisor, lecturer, course tutor and assessor throughout the age range.  She has devised many maths resources and written the book Word Maps and From Print to Cursive