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This book, by Margaret Bevan is a resource which quickly enables educators to access words to fit the rime or spelling pattern being taught.

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This book, by Margaret Bevan, is a resource which enables educators to quickly access words to fit the rime or spelling pattern being taught. It helps identify which rimes are useful, both in terms of the number and the appropriacy of associated words. Word lists of increasing difficulty for differentiation in the classroom, are accompanied by sentences. These sentences can be used for dictation or precision reading. Each rime is also presented as a word map, that is, in graphical ‘mind map-type’ format. This resource has been found to be particularly useful for the classteacher at primary level who needs to adopt a more inclusive approach, for the secondary and adult teacher who is dealing with basic literacy difficulties but does not wish to demean their learner with a focus on three letter words and those educators who recognise the inherent phonological weakness, yet visual strength of their learner.


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