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  • This laminated resource is colour-coded to signify the number bonds to 10. Continual exposure to the line, on a student's desk at school, or on a bedroom wall at home, will subconsciously imprint these significant pairings. Knowing these bonds can be extended - If I know 3 and 7 make 10, then 3 tens (30) and 7 tens (70) make 10 tens (100). If I know that 3 and 7 make 10 then 3 and 8 is one more than 10 ie 11. If I know that 3 and 7 make 10, then 3 and 6 is one less than 10, ie 9.
  • Number fun, conceived by Mark and Katy Hill,  contains 96 photocopiable worksheets to help young pupils in Reception. These imaginative and  educational activities will be a hit with pupils  - they fly balloons, climb ladders, swim underwater with tropical fish, become a detective and learn how to recognise, read and write numbers without even noticing and will prove an invaluable resource for years to come.
  • Number spinner-0 Number spinner-0
    This plastic number spinner is robust and randomly selects the numbers 1-10
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    Numdrum-0 Numdrum-0


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    The numdrum is a number line extending from 0-139, which has been given a decimal structure by winding it round a tube in helical form in such a way that there are 10 numbers per turn.
  • Sand timers provide a visual representation of a period of time and children respond incredibly well with them when they’re used correctly. Sand timers can be used for many activities in school and at home for example:
    • Use it to time participation in games.
    • To help children calm down by taking 'time out' when upset.
    • To develop the awareness of  the length of one minute.
    • To  motivate as the student engages in 'beat the clock 'activities.
    • Classroom management- setting a target time for pupils to enter class and settled down.
    • Use to time an oral presentation.
    • Use in timed tests.
    • Use in teaching analogue clock- how minutes work
  • This is a first alphabetical maths dictionary for young children starting school. Easy to use - Simple clear and in alphabetical order, every entry is supported by a helpful and fun colour picture or diagram. All the words you need- All the maths curriculum words are here to help build first maths skills at home and in the classroom. Extra support- Special topics at the back extend maths vocabulary further  
  • This is a comprehensive mathematics dictionary for students working towards higher examinations. Easy to use - Clear thematically-organised entries give simple, accurate definitions and are supported by useful diagrams, tables and equations. All the words you need- Fully explains the language of the KS3/4 curriculum.
  • This photocopiable book is one of a series of books for young children learning maths. This series  provides additional learning opportunities for pupils working at levels 1, 2 and 3 of the National Curriculum in Mathematics. The aim of the book is to make basic mathematical skills an enjoyable activity. There are two types of activity in the book:
    1. Trail pages - In these pages pupils do the first sum (usually labelled START) and from this sum the route which contains the answers will lead the pupil to the next sum.
    2. Picture pages - In these pages pupils work out a sum and then look at the key to find which colour links up with that answer. The area for that sum is then coloured in  using the appropriate crayon or felt tip, a picture will eventually emerge.
  • Place value arrow cards-0 Place value arrow cards-0
    This set consists of laminated cards for thousands, hundreds, tens and units. They are useful when overlapped as they make the role of zero as a place keeper explicit.  
  • Place Value Arrow cards-0 Place Value Arrow cards-0
    These overlapping cards help teach that the value of individual numbers is dictated by their position.
  • Place Value Board and Counters Hundreds Tens and Ones-0 Place Value Board and Counters Hundreds Tens and Ones-0
    These place value counters are made of rigid whiteboard material. The board provides a structure into which the coubnters fit when in use and also provides a recording and storage solution. The counters are 26 mm in diameter.
  • Place value counters-0 Place value counters-0
    This frame contains counters representing Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones. It is made of rigid whiteboard material, laminated for durability. The counters measure 26mm and the frame provides a structure into which the counters fit when in use and for storage.
  • Plus 1 - the introductory coaching system for maths success-0 Plus 1 - the introductory coaching system for maths success-0
    This individualised programme of work puts in place all the foundations of number. It covers basic counting and introduces addition and subtraction.
  • Power of 2-0 Power of 2-0

    Power of 2

    Power of 2 follows on from Plus 1 and covers all aspects of mental maths that are needed for the national curriculum.
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    This is a fun and easy to teach realistic working solar-powered calculator  with a big 8 digital display.It includes sterling play money for the cash drawer constituting  80 coins and 16 notes, a pretend credit card and a set of ideas for use.  
  • This pack includes 28 full colour  activity cards alongside teaching notes. Activities include addition/subtracton, problem solving, and fractions.These activity cards are designed for use with double sided dominoes.