After more than  30  years it is sad to report that OCR have withdrawn the level 5 and 7 SpLD courses in teaching and assessing learners with specific learning difficulties ( Dyslexia). However many Centres will still be offering these courses but with different accreditation bodies ( Gateway and CPD)

If you are interested in completing a the Level 5 Diploma Qualification for ‘Teaching Learners with  Dyslexia, Specific Learning Differences and Barriers to Literacy’ in January 2020, please contact Laura Bloomberg  on 07974 146624 or visit her website here

If you wish to complete a level 7 qualification in Assessing Learners with SpLd then please contact Janie Opie at Dyslexia Herts Telephone number 01442 828035 or  or visit her website here:

Both of these courses will be face to face  and will now be accredited by Gateway Qualifications