• 200 Tricky Spellings in Cartoons-0 200 Tricky Spellings in Cartoons-0
    Each 'tricky to spell' word is a cartoon that help connect the word's meaning and graphical features with its spelling pattern.
  • 500 Word Book-0 500 Word Book-0
    This is a simple early word book. Space is left to allow pupils to add their own words. In addition, there are simple drawings to illustrate a key word for the letter of each page.
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    ACE Spelling Dictionary
  • Adult Learner's Guide to Spelling-0 Adult Learner's Guide to Spelling-0
    This book is not about boring 'spelling rules' , instead it presents a practical way to learn to spell any word you find difficult -and learn it for life.
  • This is an exciting  fun-based game for  children to help them learn letters and sounds. It comes in the format of a board game with little creatures to move around the board. Each player has a home base for all their bugs.There are four bugs for each home base in different colours.  
  • Alphabet counters-0 Alphabet counters-0
    These 26mm counters are made of rigid white board materials. They are laminated for durability and colour coded for vowel and consonant identification.
  • Helen Bromley has created some truly tactile alphabet pebbles specially cast from a durable mix of resin and stone- these popular pebbles appeal to children's natural instinct to explore- investigate- sort and collect. Each pebble is engraved with a lowercase letter and can be used as an alternative to letter tiles for older learners.
  • This little bag of phonic cubes, created by Sue Palmer, contains 40 colour coded cubes (consonants, short vowels, main long vowels and key consonant digraphs). Teacher's notes are included in the bag with ideas on the use of these cubes.
  • This book by Michael Temple, provides a clear, lively introduction to basic rules of English spelling with the emphasis on the importance of spelling for clear communication. It includes a wide range of examples, exercises and activities and is ideal wen-
    • preparing for key stage 3 tests
    • preparing for GCSE examinations in English
    • aiming for communication skills qualifications on a stand alone basis or as part of a vocational course
    • wishing to improve your level of written communication skills at work.
  • This book by  Don Shiach provides a clear, lively introduction to the basic rules of written English, with the emphasis on the importance of well written English  for clear self expression. It is ideal for -
    • preparing to take Key Stage 3 tests
    • preparing for GCSe exams
    • improving written communication skills
  • These laminated  blank fans can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. Used with dry wipe pens teachers can use them in ways to include mental maths, fractions, sound blending, phonics , sorting activities, sequencing activities and social communication activities that do not require verbal answers. The pack contains ten white sections which are easy to manipulate and easy to write on and rub off.  
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    Compound Word Chains-0 Compound Word Chains-0

    Compound Word Chains

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    This game for 1-4 players is aimed at pupils in Key Stage 1 and involves the learner in trying to make as many words as possible from component parts where the component parts are also words with pictures in their own right. For example a picture of butter is matched with cup and on the reverse of the two words is the word buttercup and an accompanying picture.
  • Create your own Bingo-0 Create your own Bingo-0
    Write-on/wipe-off create you own bingo game set, reinforces lessons through game play.
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    Sample Set The Diagnostic Spelling Tests provide a series of standardised group or individual spelling tests for pupils throughout their school years and beyond. This version is aimed at the Primary phase. Each test is easy to administer and available in parallel forms And B, which are carefully matched in content, style and difficulty.  
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    Dictionary of Word Origins-0 Dictionary of Word Origins-0
    This book aims to unravel where words come from. John Ayto is a top word expert and entertains all ages with this informative and humorous dictionary
  • This rigid, double-sided dry-wipe white board is half the size of A4 and is a useful jotter for spellings and maths. It can also be used as a class 'show me' resource.