• Alphabet Bingo-0 Alphabet Bingo-0
    This simple and fun game helps children learn initial consonants and vowels.
  • This is an exciting  fun-based game for  children to help them learn letters and sounds. It comes in the format of a board game with little creatures to move around the board. Each player has a home base for all their bugs.There are four bugs for each home base in different colours.  
  • Helen Bromley has created some truly tactile alphabet pebbles specially cast from a durable mix of resin and stone- these popular pebbles appeal to children's natural instinct to explore- investigate- sort and collect. Each pebble is engraved with a lowercase letter and can be used as an alternative to letter tiles for older learners.
  • This little bag of phonic cubes, created by Sue Palmer, contains 40 colour coded cubes (consonants, short vowels, main long vowels and key consonant digraphs). Teacher's notes are included in the bag with ideas on the use of these cubes.
  • These laminated  blank fans can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. Used with dry wipe pens teachers can use them in ways to include mental maths, fractions, sound blending, phonics , sorting activities, sequencing activities and social communication activities that do not require verbal answers. The pack contains ten white sections which are easy to manipulate and easy to write on and rub off.  
  • This board game features a wacky-looking cartoon monster in the centre of a cave; the surrounding stepping stones make a pathway on which children race their baby-monster tokens. The game is a combination of a standard roll-the-dice board game and a Concentration-style card game. Roll the die, and move your monster ahead on the pathway. The players move ahead by playing 'memory', trying to find the colour coded word cards that start with the same letter as the words on the board.  
  • Dice - blank-0 Dice - blank-0
    This is made of plastic and would need to be used with a permanent marker pen
  • This rigid, double-sided dry-wipe white board is half the size of A4 and is a useful jotter for spellings and maths. It can also be used as a class 'show me' resource.
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    This pack of foam magnetic letters can be used with a magnetic board (not supplied) to encourage children to make their own words. This set covers all the sounds covered in phase five of the 'Letters and Sounds' programme in school,
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    This pack of foam magnetic letters can be used with a magnetic board  (not supplied) to encourage children to make their own words. This set contains all the sounds covered in phase three of the 'Letters and Sounds' programme in school,
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    Learning Through Phonics-0 Learning Through Phonics-0
    This is the fourth book in the series Literacy Play for the Early Years. Collette Drifte uses fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts as well as phonics as a base to help young children in the early years develop their literacy skills. To help practitioners save time in planning and organisation, the materials needed and preparation required for each session are described in detail. the activities have been designed to cater for different achievement levels, and can be adapted or added to, according to the needs of individual children. A CD is included with this book.
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    These multi-sensory soft letter cubes are ideal for individuals or small groups of children progressing through the phases of learning letter sounds.  
  • This pack consists of one set of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each letter is made of foam with a magnetic reverse. These letters are very light and easily maniplulated to provide practice in alphabet sequencing or to make words.
  • The kit contains 135 magnetic tiles and a magnetic board for storage. The reinforced magnetic tri-fold play board folds out to 22" x 11" and is covered n a clear vinyl to make clean up easy. The heavy duty storage case helps prevent loss of pieces. This set includes:
    • Magnetically Receptice Tri-Fold organiser
    • 56 Beginning Word Magnets ( Onsets)
    • 82- Ending word Magnets ( rimes)
    • One reusable Storage case
    The kit also includes ideas on how to use the tiles and various game ideas.
  • This first alphabet rhyming dictionary for young children starting school has been created by John Foster. It is simple, clear and  each entry includes words that rhyme, rhyming sounds and rhyming families plus raps, rhymes, poems and colour pictures. All the key phonic sounds are included to build first writing, spelling and rhyming skills in the classroom and at home.
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    Phonic Dominoes Long Vowels-0 Phonic Dominoes Long Vowels-0
    There are 84 robust plastic dominoes in the set. The dominoes are split into onset and rime using long vowel digraphs and are great for word formation games.