• A4 Dry wipe handwriting practice board - cursive-0 A4 Dry wipe handwriting practice board - cursive-0
    This board features capital and lowercase alphabets plus three sets of handwriting guidelines for practice. The reverse is also dry wipe, but blank.
  • Cursive Letter Formation Practice Board-0 Cursive Letter Formation Practice Board-0
    This dry wipe board contains all the alphabet letters in a cursive format for practice in overwriting. Arrows are used to guide correct formation.
  • This rigid, double-sided dry-wipe white board is half the size of A4 and is a useful jotter for spellings and maths. It can also be used as a class 'show me' resource.
  • Dry wipe handwriting whiteboard - print-0 Dry wipe handwriting whiteboard - print-0
    This board features capital and lowercase alphabet print letters plus three sets of handwriting guidelines for practice. The reverse is also dry wipe, but blank.
  • This pack of pens is supplied with four colours. Each pen demonstrates excellent erasability, has a strong bullet tip and is odour-free and non-toxic.
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    Fine Motor Skills-0 Fine Motor Skills-0

    Fine Motor Skills

    This book of photocopiable activities contains materials that are carefully differentiated in order to aid progression in fine motor control, pencil skills, and hand-eye coordination.
  • From Print to Cursive -0 From Print to Cursive -0
    This unique handwriting programme, created by Margaret Bevan, is aimed specifically at those writers, young or old, who do not join letters as they write. It incorporates a simple joining system that does not require any memory of which letters join, or how. Letters are formed using two lines to identify the mid-zone. All letters start with an approach stroke and join at the top of the mid zone. The structured and cumulative A5 workbook practises writing letters individually, then adds them to letters already learnt to form common letter strings and words. Working on one page a day provides sufficient practice to make cursive writing as easy, but more fluent, than as the printed version it replaces.    
  • Handwriting Practice Book-0 Handwriting Practice Book-0
    This exercise book has opposing pages, one with squared graph paper which permits the practice of orientation of letters to the perpendicular as well as the horizontal; the other with shaded lined paper, identifies the positioning of the mid-zone letters and the orientation to a single line.
  • Handwriting Toolbox-0 Handwriting Toolbox-0
    This toolbox contains all that's required to develop cursive script in the learner. It contains copies of Re-write 1 and 2, a dry-wipe  letter formation writing practice board plus dry wipe pen, a triangular pencil grip and a handwriting practice book containing shaded lines and gridded paper. It also contains a copy of 'From Print to Cursive' - a structured cumulative workbook for developing cursive script once print is mastered and a 'Twist and Write' wishbone pencil.
  • Letter formation practice board-0 Letter formation practice board-0
    This dry wipe board contains the whole alphabet printed with direction arrows for practice of the correct letter formation of lower case letters.
  • PenAgain -0 PenAgain -0
    This unique pen promotes a comfortable tripod grip and is appropriate for left or right handers.
  • Pencil Grip 3-0 Pencil Grip 3-0
    This grip helps children develop the typical tripod grip. .
  • Pencil Grip 4-293
    This is larger and softer than a normal pencil grip, offering greater comfort and control.
  • This is a structured, cumulative handwriting programme created by Valerie Hammond The photocopiable material uses gridded paper to ensure correct letter formation that is orientated to the vertical line as well as the more usual horizontal line.
  • This second workbook by Valerie Hammond, follows on From Part One of the Re-Write handwriting programme. It provides the practice needed to ensure that letter formations and joins, learnt in Part One, can be used at the text level of writing, encouraging an automatic continuous cursive writing style. Common spelling patterns are embedded within short memorable poems, based on phonic sounds. These memorable and beautifully illustrated poems, when copied into the child's own book, provide the practice required to integrate the skill of handwriting with spelling.
  • Speed up-0 Speed up-0

    Speed up

    This book by Lois Addy is subtitled 'A kinaesthetic programme to develop fluent handwriting. It consists of a tried and tested programme designed specifically for children aged 8 -13, whose handwriting is slow, illegible or lacking fluency. Poor handwriting hinders many children's progress - right across the curriculum. Unfortunately, most handwriting schemes do little to help older children who are struggling with this vital skill. In just 8 weekly sessions, Speed up goes to the root of writing difficulties by developing kinaesthetic awareness through multisensory activity and exercise.