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    ACE Spelling Dictionary
  • These plays have been written by Michael Coleman, Jaqui Farley, Susan Holliday, Ann Ruffell and Elaine Sishton. The first two plays have 4 or 5  scenes and five characters. Further plays have one or two acts, more scenes and the characters increase in number. At the beginning of each play the author sets out a short description of each character and their particular traits.  
  • This is an exciting  fun-based game for  children to help them learn letters and sounds. It comes in the format of a board game with little creatures to move around the board. Each player has a home base for all their bugs.There are four bugs for each home base in different colours.  
  • Alphabet counters-0 Alphabet counters-0
    These 26mm counters are made of rigid white board materials. They are laminated for durability and colour coded for vowel and consonant identification.
  • Alphabet dice-0 Alphabet dice-0
    This 20 sided dice has a different capital letter on each face and is useful for games an dictionary work.
  • This refill pack is playing card size and consists of approx 40 cards. It's use requires a ring which can be purchased separately.
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    Gavin Reid, Gad Elbeheri and John Everatt have written a comprehensive book which provides all the information that practitioners need to know about assessment in relation to their pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties. The why, how and what of assessment is  is addressed. whilst the link between assessment and interventions also a key focus.
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    Assessment of Learners with DyslexicType Difficulties -0 Assessment of Learners with DyslexicType Difficulties -0
    This book links theory research and practice in analysing , interpreting and using appropriate assesssments in order to devise targets for teaching. It is ideal for those training to be specialist teachers and assessors of learners with dyslexia. It includes exemplars of diagnostic assessment reports.
  • This little bag of phonic cubes, created by Sue Palmer, contains 40 colour coded cubes (consonants, short vowels, main long vowels and key consonant digraphs). Teacher's notes are included in the bag with ideas on the use of these cubes.
  • This book by  Don Shiach provides a clear, lively introduction to the basic rules of English grammar, with the emphasis on the importance of grammar  for clear self expression. It includes a wide range of examples, exercises and activities and is ideal for -
    • preparing to take Key Stage 3 tests
    • preparing for GCSe exams
    •  improving  written communications skills
  • Blue trigger card refill-0 Blue trigger card refill-0
    This pack is playing card size and contains approx. 40 cards.
  • Blue writing book-0 Blue writing book-0
    This exercise book has blue pages to alleviate visual stress in those pupils affected by writing on white paper.
  • Stepping Stones to learning  have produced this first pre-reading game to help develop children's thyme awareness. This pack contains five unique rhyming games that challenge different skill levels. It
    • Develops rhyming which is an important pre-reading skill
    • Uses a  multi-sensory approach and targets different skill levels
    • Is hands-on, self correcting
    • Increases vocabulary
    • Enhances problem solving
    • Encourages fine motor skills
    • Requires no reading
    • Is for 1 -4 players
  • Cream Writing Book-0 Cream Writing Book-0
    This exercise book has cream pages to alleviate visual stress in those pupils affected by writing on white paper.
  • This board game features a wacky-looking cartoon monster in the centre of a cave; the surrounding stepping stones make a pathway on which children race their baby-monster tokens. The game is a combination of a standard roll-the-dice board game and a Concentration-style card game. Roll the die, and move your monster ahead on the pathway. The players move ahead by playing 'memory', trying to find the colour coded word cards that start with the same letter as the words on the board.  
  • Day to day dyslexia in the classroom-0 Day to day dyslexia in the classroom-0
    This fully revised and updated edition of a classic text offers invaluable advice to teachers on how they can recognize specific learning difficulties and give practical help to children in their classes.