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  • Pencil Grip 3-0 Pencil Grip 3-0
    This grip helps children develop the typical tripod grip. .
  • Pencil Grip 4-293
    This is larger and softer than a normal pencil grip, offering greater comfort and control.
  • This¬† pencil grip is designed to prevent the thumb crossing over the first finger, and channels the correct positioning of the thumb, first and second finger.
  • Phoneme Boxes on White Board-0 Phoneme Boxes on White Board-0
    Phoneme boxes and writing lines on white board.
  • Reading ruler overlay blue-0 Reading ruler overlay blue-0
    This is a coloured overlay which aids the reading of some pupils who suffer from overexcitability of the visual cortex when confronted by the sharp contrast of black print on a white page.This is blue - known to be one of the most popular choices of people suffering from this problem. The overlay has a single line window and a broader window for reading at text level.
  • Trigger/revision cards on ring-0 Trigger/revision cards on ring-0
    These blank cards on an openable robust 35mm ring, can be used to create a set of individualised trigger/drill cards for personal spellings/mnemonics, foreign language vocabulary, science/maths key facts/formulae et. etc. Refills are available in white and other colours.
  • Wooden capital letters-0 Wooden capital letters-0
    The pack consists of 60 capital letters. They would be useful in the teaching of dictionary skills. Each quartile could be colour coded - dry wipe pens work well.
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    ACE Spelling Dictionary
  • Re-Write Part 1-0 Re-Write Part 1-0
    This is a structured, cumulative handwriting programme created by Valerie Hammond The photocopiable material uses gridded paper to ensure correct letter formation that is orientated to the vertical line as well as the more usual horizontal line.
  • Simple Syllable Analysis-0 Simple Syllable Analysis-0
    Syllable Analysis aims to teach pupils to use their eyes to seek out regular patterns in words. This is a structured and cumulative programme of work that will help pupils to practise six basic syllable patterns.
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    Fine Motor Skills-0 Fine Motor Skills-0

    Fine Motor Skills

    This book of photocopiable activities contains materials that are carefully differentiated in order to aid progression in fine motor control, pencil skills, and hand-eye coordination.
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    Language Development Activities for home by Marion Nash & Jackie-0 Language Development Activities for home by Marion Nash & Jackie-0
    This is a handbook contains a variety of play based activities that support the key language skills being developed at Key stage 1.
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    Word Play-0 Word Play-0

    Word Play

    Acquiring strong basic language skills in the early years is key to building a solid foundation for sucessful learning. Word Play provides a range of fun activities, word games, and story and drama exercises that can be used by parents and practitioners to introduce and develop early language skills in an enjoyable and stimulating way.
  • Handwriting Practice Book-0 Handwriting Practice Book-0
    This exercise book has opposing pages, one with squared graph paper which permits the practice of orientation of letters to the perpendicular as well as the horizontal; the other with shaded lined paper, identifies the positioning of the mid-zone letters and the orientation to a single line.
  • Letter formation practice board-0 Letter formation practice board-0
    This dry wipe board contains the whole alphabet printed with direction arrows for practice of the correct letter formation of lower case letters.