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Dyslexia and Drama

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This practical and down-to-earth ‘survival’ guide by Christine Ostler, gives advice and suggestions for parents who find bringing up a dyslexic child both frustrating and worrying. Strategies are suggested for coping in positive ways with the problems of the dyslexic at home and at school- untidiness, poor memory, lack of self-esteem, homework, reading, spelling and maths.

Published in 1991, the guide has now been comprehensively updated for this second edition.

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Helen Eadon is a Drama teacher in Lancashire and works with children with special needs.

This small book was written for teachers, SENCOs and advisers. It provides a straightforward explanation of dyslexia and other associated difficulties that students may experience. She describes the characteristics of dyslexia and the implications they have for teaching drama.

She believes that Drama can be  a useful resource to help the student with dyslexia overcome some of the academic and self-esteem hurdles that are often, for them, the reality of the learning experience in both primary and secondary school.

The book includes:

  • tactics for overcoming problems experienced by students in drama lessons
  • suggestions for setting homework
  • ideas to boost students’ exam success
  • insights into good and bad practice


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