• This follow up book by Lidia Stanton is a  collection of witty and easy to remember visual hints (mnemonics) to help the child recall tricky spellings, including exceptions and homophones. 264 high- and medium-frequency words that appear in KS1 and KS2 curricula are associated with over 160 creative spelling clues. Ages 5-11. This book is not a structured spelling programme. It does not replace any part of the child's current literacy instruction at school. It complements it to help equip the children with additional ways to remember tricky spellings. It's suitable for children who:
    • prefer to learn by seeing and doing
    • have tried traditional spelling strategies (e.g. Look, Cover, Write, Check, and breaking words into sounds and syllables) but with limited success
    • continue to confuse similar sounding and similar looking words
    • have dyslexia or other specific learning difficulty.
  • This book by Lidia Stanton provides an 'at a glance' breakdown of visual hints for high frequency words introduced in Reception and Year 1. A multi-sensory approach is used, where each word is a story hidden inside a cartoon and has a shape that can be recognised. Colour is used to emphasise the visual impact. This multisensory approach is particularly useful for learners with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia  
  • This six-sided dice contains the vowels a,e,i,o,u and y. This dice is particularly useful for playing phonic games.
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    Introduce simple preschool spelling skills through fun puzzle play. Each of the 20 puzzles features a colourful illustration and a corresponding three-letter word.
    • Each puzzle features a simple word such as bat, dog or bus.
    • Each fits together in a unique way so there’s only one right answer. This lets young children experiment and self-correct as they play and learn.
    • Each set of 3-Letter Word Puzzle Cards comes in a sturdy reusable box that doubles as a storage container when playtime is done.
    • Puzzles measure 10cm L x 10cm W.
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  • This beautifully illustrated storybook and workbook set has been created to support learners who, after acquiring the basics of reading and writing, have struggled to organically grasp the rules that govern spelling in the English language. The colourful storybook tells the story of the ‘Super Spelling School for Letters’, and the teacher who helps all the students come together to make words. Twenty-two of the most important spelling rules are explored and given meaning through the engaging story, each followed by a ‘quick quiz’ to help solidify the rule in the long-term memory. In the fully photocopiable workbook, activity pages for each rule develop reading, spelling and writing skills, allowing the child to put the rules into practice.
  • This pack consists of one set of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each letter is made of foam with a magnetic reverse. These letters are very light and easily maniplulated to provide practice in alphabet sequencing or to make words.
  • The kit contains 135 magnetic tiles and a magnetic board for storage. The reinforced magnetic tri-fold play board folds out to 22" x 11" and is covered n a clear vinyl to make clean up easy. The heavy duty storage case helps prevent loss of pieces. This set includes:
    • Magnetically Receptice Tri-Fold organiser
    • 56 Beginning Word Magnets ( Onsets)
    • 82- Ending word Magnets ( rimes)
    • One reusable Storage case
    The kit also includes ideas on how to use the tiles and various game ideas.
  • This clearly presented and highly illustrated book encourages creativity and shows teachers how to adopt and adapt a variety of learning strategies to suit different needs. Targeting learner in key stage 2 and upwards, this book brings a wealth of ideas to stimulate spelling success.
  • These delightful pack of reward stickers contains 280 stickers for praising good work or behaviour. The stickers contain a variety of phrases for different situations.
  • This is an exciting  fun-based game for  children to help them learn letters and sounds. It comes in the format of a board game with little creatures to move around the board. Each player has a home base for all their bugs.There are four bugs for each home base in different colours.  
  • Helen Bromley has created some truly tactile alphabet pebbles specially cast from a durable mix of resin and stone- these popular pebbles appeal to children's natural instinct to explore- investigate- sort and collect. Each pebble is engraved with a lowercase letter and can be used as an alternative to letter tiles for older learners.
  • These laminated  blank fans can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. Used with dry wipe pens teachers can use them in ways to include mental maths, fractions, sound blending, phonics , sorting activities, sequencing activities and social communication activities that do not require verbal answers. The pack contains ten white sections which are easy to manipulate and easy to write on and rub off.  
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    These multi-sensory soft letter cubes are ideal for individuals or small groups of children progressing through the phases of learning letter sounds.  
  • This book by  Don Shiach provides a clear, lively introduction to the basic rules of written English, with the emphasis on the importance of well written English  for clear self expression. It is ideal for -
    • preparing to take Key Stage 3 tests
    • preparing for GCSe exams
    • improving written communication skills