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    This set of 12 readers plus a Rhyming dictionary covers the first 4 levels of learning to read. It consists of three story books from levels one to four of the phonics programme, giving  practice in sound blending, word building, word and sentence reading and more extended stories. This is a cumulative approach to applying phonics to reading from the beginning of learning to read.    
  • This photocopiable collection of Literacy Games from Croydon Literacy Support Centre will provide a good resource for teachers of children with Specific Learning Difficulties. Many games can be adapted for a variety of purposes in  support of literacy development.
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    This practical and clear book will allow you to introduce and teach phonological awareness skills to children in the Early Years and  also children in Key Stages 1 and 2 who are struggling with their literacy level because of weak skills.
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    Sound Linkage-0 Sound Linkage-0

    Sound Linkage

    The updated edition of this successful resource has been developed to support children with reading delays and dyslexia. It contains a phonological training programme, an explanation of how this programme can be embedded within a broader reading intervention, a standardized test of phonological awareness and a methodology to grade children’s reading books. This third edition has been revised throughout to include the latest developments in the field These resources have been used with a wide range of children and found to be suitable for use with any reading-delayed children, irrespective of cognitive ability and age All activities are accompanied by a set of photocopiable record sheets, a set of pictures, and an appendix of additional activities useful in helping children master a particular skill or to reinforce existing learning The ten sections of activities within the guide include: identification of words and syllables; identification and supply of rhyming words; identification and discrimination of phonemes; and blending, segmentation, deletion, substitution and transposition of phonemes within words.
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    Sound Practice-0 Sound Practice-0

    Sound Practice

    This book by Lyn Layton and Karen Deeny, is subtitled Phonological Awareness in the Classroom. Phonological awareness is the key to independent literacy and must be explicitly tackled in the classroom in order to promote early reading and writing and to address written language difficulties in older children.
  • This very useful and comprehensive 254- page resource by John E Bryant, is a collection  of poems and activities that celebrates sounds. It provides educators with a powerful unique vehicle for enhancing phonological awareness, as well as speech, language and literacy skills in young learners ( ages 4- 8 years).
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    This pack of games is hands on and self correcting. It develops phonological skills, increases vocabulary and the appreciation of compound words. Put together a pan and a cake. What do you get when you turn the cards over, a pancake? Young learners cleverly discover new words. This pack contains 40 photorealistic puzzle pieces, 20 word cards, 60-word vocabulary list, 4 fun ways to play and an easy to follow rule sheet
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    Jane Townend and Jean Walker the topics of spoken and written language in this accessible text for teachers of English at all levels. This book will prove invaluable to those working with children who have literacy problems, speech sound difficulties or word retrieval problems and for those helping students with weakness at the level of sentences and grammar.
  • Webber Phone-0 Webber Phone-0
    This phone amplifies the sound of the user's voice.
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    Working Out with Phonological Awareness-0 Working Out with Phonological Awareness-0
    Working out with Phonological Awareness consists of 50 individual lessons training phonological skills. It is suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 10.