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    Rainbow Fraction Dominoes-0 Rainbow Fraction Dominoes-0
    These dominoes develop fraction and percentage recogntion and equivalency. The pack includes 36 double sided dominoes and an activity guide. There are two levels of play. The first involes matching numeric and visual representations of fractions, the second progresses to challenge the addition of fraction values wthin one whole.
  • Red and white counters pack of 200-0 Red and white counters pack of 200-0
    These double sided plastic counters are the ideal manipulative for demonstrating number quantities within a set of numbers. They work brilliantly well as a transitional concrete tool between red and white strings of beads and their representation on a number line.
  • small sand timer Placeholder
    Useful for any game requiring turn taking with a time limit
  • This sandtimer is useful for setting time limits. It can be motivational for learners who dawdle over activities.
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    Shape Lotto

    £17.60 £12.00
    This  beautifully photographed lotto game is designed to encourage children to recognise and explore the properties of common  2-D shapes This pack contains:
    • 4 game boards
    • 36 Playing cards
    • Multi-language leaflet with alternative games
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    Shapes Template Set-0 Shapes Template Set-0

    Shapes Template Set

    £7.50 £5.99
    This set consists of five templates made from durable plastic: circle, triangle, rectangle, square and hexagon. Each template provides relational examples in varying sizes and orientation. Trace around the entire template for the largest version. The rectangle measures 18x11cm.
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    Slavonic Abacus-0 Slavonic Abacus-0

    Slavonic Abacus

    £14.25 £13.50
    This resource provides the perfect concrete model for the field of 100. Each bar of the abacus is configured in fives of red and white beads.
  • Slavonic Abacus card-0 Slavonic Abacus card-0
    This is a laminated card representation of the beaded Slavonic Abacus.
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    Slavonic Abacus Rekenrek-0 Slavonic Abacus Rekenrek-0
    The beads and frame on this sturdy abacus are made of plastic. The dimensions are 23cm L, 22cm H and 10cm wide. The red and white beads allow children to make mental images of numbers for counting, composing, and decomposing numbers, adding and subtracting, and visualising through 100 using groups of five and ten as anchors and reference points.
  • Spinners Blank-0 Spinners Blank-0
    These hardy blank spinners can be used to create individualised games.
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    Table Rhymes

    £11.99 £10.99
    Graham Smith has created a little book of thymes related to multiplication tables. The book was intended- at least to begin with- to be shared between parent and child. Each rhyme is related to particular aspects of tables starting with multiples of one, then two and three and so on.
  • Tony Brown and Henry Liebling have written a book for all those who want children to enjoy the challenge of learning mathematics. They presents teachers, students and home educators with exciting and varied ideas for introducing mathematics to primary-age children. They suggest ways to use equipment and resources to support learning.
  • Sand timers provide a visual representation of a period of time and children respond incredibly well  in a variety of contexts. Activities in school and at home for example:
    • Use it to time participation in games.
    • To help children calm down by taking 'time out' when upset.
    • To develop the awareness of  the length of three minutes.
    • To  motivate as the student engages in 'beat the clock 'activities.
    • Classroom management- setting a target time for pupils to enter class and settled down.
    • Use to time an oral presentation.
    • Use in timed tests.
    • Use in teaching analogue clock- how minutes work
  • Time line-0 Time line-0
    This is a double sided dry- wipe time- line. On one side the line is analogue and shows clocks configured with the times 1'o clock to 12 o'clock twice. Midday is denoted by a sun and midnight by a moon.The other digital side presents the 24 hour digital clock. It is useful for pupils to see the time-line equivalents but also to use either side to calculate elapsed time
  • Time Bingo-0 Time Bingo-0
    This game comprises of 4 double-sided bingo cards, a spinner and 36 game markers.
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    Time Lotto

    £17.60 £12.00
    This  beautifully photographed lotto game is designed to encourage children to learn how to read times on a variety of different clock faces. It contains:
    • 4 game boards
    • 36 Playing cards
    • Multi-language leaflet with alternative games