• Silly Songs for Phonology and Sound Awareness is a 367 page teaching resource created by Beverley Banker that pairs music, modelled on familiar childhood melodies, with phonological development. It includes 13 songs- each of which are phonologically loaded ( i.e. the focus of the lyrics and the songs is on a particular phoneme or sound) - presented on two CDs and 13 sets of illustrated songbooks and extended activities.
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    This foam magnetic letters pack can be used with a magnetic board ( not supplied) to encourage children to make their own words. This set, for phase two of the 'Letters and Sounds' programme in school, can be used to help children segment and blend sounds into simple words. Once made they can practise writing their words on the board thus involving their motor memory for the words they have created.
  • This fun-based game based on sunken treasure is designed to encourage children to blend sounds by slivering down the tentacles of an octopus combining beginning blends and word endings as you go.
  • Webber Phone-0 Webber Phone-0
    This phone amplifies the sound of the user's voice.